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. over 60,000 of them have happened since the fall of the soviet union but recently very have become a political football. officials point to the cases of 19 children who have died after being adopted by americans. the issue caught fire in 2010 when this boy was put on a plane alone by his adopted mother. the majority of russians support the ban but it's also sparked outrage among many who say this is playing politics with children. the griffins meanwhile are holding out for a miracle. >> you hope that it's not a door shut but just -- that it's just a hurdle, a delay, we simply don't know. >> reporter: abc news. >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> take a look at it. sunset comes early these days no question. current conditions now at the airport 37 degrees. winds are west at 16, been a gusty day with high wind advisories across the area. we continue to see the wind concerns out there though the wind advisory is now -- we are now below that. take a look at the day. tough to find much sun. cloudy for the most part. warm enough to melt off a lot of the leftover slush t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1